About Us

The Institute was established by a concerned citizen with no prior experience in the arts, but a strong belief in his community. An historic landmark movie house in his hometown had been shuttered.  A local economy had been set adrift without an anchor. The Community Film Institute was created not only to save this historic landmark, but to create and share programs that engage, educate and empower individuals as well as entire communities through the art of film.

Our Volunteer Program encourages young volunteers to give back to others in need while building self-esteem and a sense of ownership. Our innovative Filmscool Program enables children from inner-city environments to express themselves creatively, be introduced to the world of filmmaking and see the possible career opportunities in the film industry. Through our Filmmaker’s Lab, we support the work of accomplished as well as aspiring filmmakers.  In doing so, we promote the influence of independent film to enhance and broaden our understanding of the world in which we live.

The Institute also supports like-minded citizens in towns nationwide hoping to save their own historic theatres and assists them in implementing our unique film-related programs in order to change the lives of those in their own communities. By saving these theatres, local communities are infused with new vitality and are empowered to join us in utilizing film to define their own character and fulfill their visions for the future.

Our goal is to utilize film to change the world.  A lofty goal?  Yes.  But I wouldn’t bet against us.  We have seen the results with our own eyes, and with your help, our reach will go even further.