Historic movie theatres across the country have been closing at an alarming rate due to the uncertain nature of the film industry. While most will say “it is bound to happen”, we believe these theatres are a critical part of our downtowns and our communities and provide the unique old-school atmosphere that is often lost in today’s fast-paced world. For some it can be emotional. Our grandparents and parents grew up with these theatres and they helped shaped their lives and are the source of many fond memories. A large piece of our history lives within the historic walls of these theatres.

The Institute has a proven model on how historic theatres across the country can be saved from demolition, restored and reopened as unique non-profit organizations. Our experience demonstrates that the historic preservation of such theatres can be a catalyst of economic development, community volunteerism and pride.  In addition, these newly restored theatres can serve as a home-base for film-related programs designed specifically to engage, educate and empower those living within the communities as well as those in need in surrounding areas.

Due to the recognition the Institute has garnered, communities across the country reach out to us for guidance and support as they attempt to save and restore a meaningful theatre in their hometowns. We welcome the opportunity to partner with like-minded people wishing to save and restore their own independent theatres.

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