Upon the formation of the Institute, our most important goal was to promote and encourage volunteerism. Young people are rarely given the opportunity to take ownership of something important, call it their own and make a difference. Quite simply, the Institute would not exist with the dedication and enthusiasm of its volunteers. All day to day operations of the Institute are carried out by volunteers.
The volunteers are young people from surrounding local schools. Included in the Institute’s volunteer program are opportunities for young people with special needs. All young people have the opportunity to become a member of a team, learn business skills, build self-esteem and gain a true sense of accomplishment and community while being exposed to independent cinema and filmmaking.
The Institute recognizes the dedication and hard work of its young volunteers through its annual scholarship program created to assist them in either their pursuit of higher education or a film-related project.
The Community Film Club is a unique opportunity for members to attend monthly special screenings and film discussions. These club members will have the chance to engage in intimate conversations and question and answer sessions with well known directors, producers, actors, actresses and screenwriters.
A film series that encourages the diverse voices and free expression of independent storytellers and fosters the power of documentaries to enhance our understanding of the world. Community Docs is proud of its history, relevance, broad appeal and wide range of subject matter.
A groundbreaking initiative designed to bring compelling, original short films to new and broader audiences. Independent film enthusiasts agree that short films are a leading indicator of what viewers can expect from feature filmmakers in the future. The Institute is excited to be a leading resource to assist these filmmakers in not only producing their films, but also in showcasing them to receptive audiences.
We partner with learning institutions, both public and private, ranging from elementary schools through universities, to provide students with the opportunity to view various films they might not otherwise have exposure to, as well as provide a first-hand experience of the filmmaking industry.
The Community Film Institute is proud to host several film festivals ranging from student festivals to international festivals. We believe that by promoting and celebrating the work of new and experienced filmmakers from all over the world, we enrich our community.